My Covid Journey – Day-by-Day

September 29 – I’m ten days in to my two weeks at my remote location work site. The Nurse Practitioner flew out last night, today she informed work she tested positive for covid. Everyone on crew gave her a hug before she left. One of the fire fighters is sick, says he has sinus infection. The Advanced Care Paramedic is also sick.

October 01 – Slept terrible, back pain & frequent urination, waking about every hour. I think I may have another kidney stone

At work – developed a headache that lasted all night. Took rescue migraine med, didn’t really help.

October 02 – Last night shift. Slept okay. Woke up with a bit of a sore throat. It’s so dry here some of my co-workers have humidifiers in their rooms. Got a headache at work. Got 2 rapid tests from the nurse. Took first test at 20:00, it was negative. Feeling relieved I don’t have covid.

October 03 – Second test at 05:00 was negative. Thankful & relieved. Feel a bit congested in the head, dry throat. Wear my mask on the bus home. Get home at 10:00am. Feel like I am getting a cold, stuffy nose. Had the runs but that is normal when I get home from 2 weeks at camp. Sleep from 10:30-16:00. Had a coffee when I got up & it tasted weird. Is it because my nose is stuffed? I get a sinking feeling and it occurs to me that I may have covid.

Take a rapid test at 16:30, really surprised it is positive. Feel shocked. Called work & let them know. Put a mask on and wipe everything I’ve touched down. Still feel like I am getting a cold but not full-blown cold.

Hubby goes to the drug store to get me cold medication and to try to get me Paxlovid. Pharmacist says it could react with one of my meds so he won’t give it to me. Hubby brings home Fat Burger, tastes fine to me. Watch TV with Hubby on the sofa until 22:30 then go to bed. No fever. Dry, itchy throat. Couple of sneezes. Feeling hopeful this will be a mild case of covid.

Around 22:00 Hubby says he feels a tickle in his throat & feels weird. I explained to him there is no way he’d be showing symptoms yet, will take at least 3 days. Living with a hypochondriac is trying on me. He’ll will himself sick. 

October 04 – Slept all night, wake up around 05:00. Blocked nose. My head doesn’t feel congested like a normal cold, just a very stuffy nose. Go back to sleep.

Wake up at 06:00. No fever but my nose is totally blocked. Took some cold meds.  Made coffee. Hubby slept on sofa. Good thing he did, the way I feel the bedroom is full of germs.

The ACP tested positive last night. She’s pregnant, hopefully her & her baby are okay.

Slept this afternoon. Very congested all day. Ate microwave KD for lunch & supper. Can’t taste my food. I can smell though so I think the lack of taste is from the congestion.

The RN tested positive today. I think I gave it to her. Feel guilty about that.

October 05 – woke up in the night & took some cold meds; slept until almost 7am. Felt good when I first woke up but worse as the morning progressed. Very congested. Headache. No fever.

Slept for 2 hours this afternoon. Still congested. Barry ordered pizza for supper. I got a donair pizza thinking I’d be able to taste it but I couldn’t. It tasted like nothing. Feeling tired

Went to sleep from 20:00 to midnight. Woke up and feel like I’ve beat this! Only a little congested. No fever. Still can’t taste anything. Went to sleep at 04:00.

October 06 – woke up at 08:00 and I feel really good. Only a little congested. My throat is a little sore but I think it’s from sleeping with my mouth open. I walked into the kitchen and could smell the coffee from the grinder. Hubby is still sleeping so I’ll wait until he gets up to make some.

Fist sip of coffee – I can’t taste it at all. So weird. I thought with less congestion and full sense of smell that my taste would be back but it’s not.

Slept from 12pm to 2pm. Watched a few episodes of The Crown. Feeling really tired. Slept from 1600 to 04:00.

October 7 – Feeling good. Took a rapid test this morning sadly it is still positive. Stayed in the bedroom. Went to sleep from 5pm to midnight. Other than a bit off a stuffy nose I feel really good.

October 8 – Today my rapid test was negative! I am still slightly congested and have a small nagging headache but my taste has fully returned. I understand these symptoms could linger for a while. I found the strangest symptom was loss of taste. Everything tasted like nothing. Not sweet, not bitter, not even bland, no flavour at all.

During the time I was positive I stayed in my bedroom; thankfully we have an ensuite and a second bathroom. When I did venture out for food, I wore a mask as did my husband. My husband tested himself this morning and he remained covid free.

I have four covid vaccines, with my last one in August. My son-in-law & daughter-in-law had covid before the vaccines were available. Their symptoms were much worse than mine. Both went to the hospital; she was hospitalized for 5 days on oxygen. My other son-in-law’s wife’s mother died of covid. I am thankful for the vaccines. The vaccines did what they were meant to do – prevent severe symptoms and hospitalization.

My Covid Journey

Monday October 3rd, 2022 I became a statistic. After almost three years of avoiding the coronavirus, I tested positive for covid. I knew I was a close contact as one of my coworkers tested positive Thursday; but I tested myself Sunday night and again Monday morning before leaving work & the tests were negative.

I had just come off 14 nightshifts and after chatting with my husband I went for a nap. I got up at 4:00 that afternoon and had a coffee that didn’t taste like coffee. On a whim I thought I’d take another rapid test and was shocked to see the telltale 2 lines.

Looking back, I realise my symptoms actually started Saturday with a headache. As a migraine sufferer, I’m no stranger to headaches and I thought nothing of it, “just another migraine” and I took my doctor prescribed migraine medication.

I didn’t feel too bad Monday night just a little congested. I put on a mask, watched a couple of episodes of House of Dragon with my husband and went to bed at 10:00. Hubby took the sofa.

Tuesday morning when I woke up, I was so congested. Told my husband I was going to stay in the bedroom. Tuesday and Wednesday were the worst for symptoms – nasal congestion and a headache. (How can a nose be blocked yet runny?) My sleep schedule was off and I napped in the afternoon and evening, awake for about four hours at a time. I also found out that 2 more of my co-workers are positive. I feel guilty as I think I infected one of them.

I woke up at midnight Thursday and felt pretty good. Hubby was still wake. I ventured out and told him I thought I had this beat. Thursday morning when I walked into the kitchen, I could smell the coffee; when I took a shower, I could smell the shampoo. What an improvement! However, I still couldn’t taste anything. I thought once my smell came back that my taste would too. So strange to eat something and have it taste like nothing.

I had what would be considered mild symptoms – nasal congestion, headache, loss of taste, & fatigue. I never developed a cough, body aches, a fever, or any other severe symptoms. To be honest, I have had normal colds that have been worse. Thankfully hubby didn’t catch it. I stayed in the bedroom and we’ve both masked up whenever I ventured out.

This morning, one week after my first symptom, I have finally tested negative and I can taste food. I am thankful for the covid vaccine and that I have had 4 of them. I am thankful I didn’t catch this during the first or second wave. People were so sick then.

Mask up people and get your booster – covid isn’t done with us yet 😷

Want to Help the Ukrainian People? Here’s a Simple Way…

I see many people from around the world have rented AirBnB’s to help Ukrainians. This is something I have done and you can too:

I purchased a wooden wall map last year from Esty for a Christmas gift from Enjoy the Wood, a small family run business in Ukraine. I reached out to the owner Igor; he and his family are still in Ukraine, safe, and praying and hoping for the situation to be resolved, and thanked me for concern.

I decided to “purchase” more items from Enjoy the Wood. I added a message to the seller that I obviously didn’t expect him to send me the purchase and he should to use the money to help his family during this difficult time; that I am trying help in someway however small.

If the situation in Ukraine has you feeling helpless and you want to help but don’t know how, I encourage you to follow the link I have provided below. Purchase an item from Enjoy the Wood and add your own message to Igor & family. (Photo credit: to Enjoy the Wood)

My heart is saddened for the people of #Ukraine💛💙

Enjoy the Wood – click to go to the Esty Shop

Photo credit: Enjoy the Wood

Roman Tourniquet

Roman tourniquet, circa 199 – 500 BC.

A tourniquet is used to control bleeding, especially during amputations. It is a device that is still in use today. This example was used on the thigh and is made from bronze. Many of the straps have engraved patterns and originally the bronze would have been coated with leather to make the patient as comfortable as possible.

The tourniquet came from the private collection of Dr. Noel Hamonic and and was sold by Hamonic’s sons to Henry Wellcome.

Skull with Mandibular Tumor

From the private collection of Jan Bleuland (1756-1838), a Skull with a mandibular tumor from the Bleuland Cabinet at the University Utrecht.

This object is mind-blowing when you consider how terrible it would have been for the individual living at a time when surgical options were limited, there was no anesthesia, and no concept of germs.