Rainy Day

It’s evening and I am sitting by the window. You can hear the swish of water as traffic goes by. There is the sound of wind chimes on my back deck. My cats are curled up on the back of the chair sleeping. What is it about cold rainy days that make you feel alone? There is a stillness, I see no one walking and the clouds are so dark. Its been raining all day and I have stayed indoors.

I have a very warm cup of coffee, not so much because I need it, but I like to feel the warmth in my hands as it penetrates the coldness of my fingers. I am listening to music, as this seems to be the only thing that relaxes me, for a while I do not have to think about anything.


I am watching the drops of water as they fall against the window. The pane of glass is cold to the touch, and my fingers leave a small vapour from their human touch. Is that the way we leave an impression on each other? An indelible mark that says I was here, you knew me once upon a time. I have a small candle burning and its light is pretty as it flickers slowly. Earlier today I was hoping for a little sun but it’s just cold and damp.


I am just sitting here and thinking it’s peaceful yet I feel isolated; not a bad thing really… sometimes we need that silence to clear our minds of worries and problems that never really go away. You leave one problem behind and another replaces it, so why sit in misery.


It’s evening and I am sitting by the window.

Coffee Love

Some things I love about COFFEE:

– Coffee is hot

– Coffee makes me excited

– Coffee is good enough to have everyday

– Coffee smells good

– Coffee makes me nervous sometimes

– Coffee sometimes keeps me up all night

– Coffee gives me the warm fuzzies

– Even when coffee is too strong or too weak, it’s still good

(I really like coffee)


Totally uncreative. Always having half thoughts, uncooked thoughts, semi-thoughts. Been comfortable for too long, haven’t I? Don’t know what to do about it. Someone once said that you can either live your life or write about it. In my case it’s living and writing about it.


Change is a magic word, Change is life. Change is overdue.