Some Days

Some days are days where everything makes sense – the sun comes up just like you need it to. The coffee is hot but not too hot. Your phone is quiet and the cat is rolling on the floor behind you and your favourite TV show is on ready to watch.

These days, the days where it’s all like it needs to be, are the days that remind you that things are okay.

In my head things buzz around. A long email which needs answering but I don’t know how to answer it. A project that I want to sink my teeth into, but am not sure how to proceed. A jumble of words swimming around in my skull which need to be unleashed. A move towards the next step that needs to be taken. All of these things move in me and on me and will be released when I am ready, when they are ready.


Today is not a remarkable day. In the ordinariness of life, this day is stunningly ordinary. Household chores, laundry to clean, dishes to be done, the floor vacuumed, groceries. Ordinary.


Yesterday the sun rose and set and then it came up again this morning. It will continue to do so for as long as I’m alive. And it’s okay.