Live Your Dream

“There is no use trying; one can’t believe impossible things.” -Alice

The world is moved forward by people who believe the impossible. Air travel, space exploration and many of the things we enjoy as part of our everyday lives were once considered impossible by the masses. “Reality” is created by our perception.



I love romance. It’s those simple things in a relationship that matter the most… finding ways to show them how much they mean to you.  It’s that gentle kiss on the cheek or the hand gently rubbing the small of my back or the “I love you” note left on the
counter.  If guys only knew how simple they have to be to make things wonderful.

Dig Deep

It is fear which creates the mask, and fear which keeps it in place. The mask is hiding our true and most beautiful self from both ourselves and from the world. In its place is a mask of un-beauty.

In order to find our authentic self we must align ourselves with facing fear by digging down to the deepest, most hidden part of ourselves, that fearful place where we dread what we think is hidden.

When we dig deeply enough into our hidden nature we find not darkness but light – and the realization that our safety lies in actually letting down the mask and being seen – in being our true authentic self.