Summer Breeze

I sit on the back deck of my home. I look around and look at the patio. I am relaxed drinking coffee. Then I start to look at the sky, I see the bright blue skies, puffy white clouds and an airplane flying by with a white stream behind.

I feel the warm breeze caressing my skin. The sun kissing my freckled skin.

I start to imagine life. I start to imagine how my life is currently. I then start to create what I desire in my world, my life. Memories
with creations come to mind. I start to smile as the thoughts are very pleasant.

I then start to think how beautiful my life really is.





I think that sometimes the most difficult person to understand is yourself. As you get older you quickly become more and more aware of all the layers. There are so many layers. There are layers to you that feel so normal at one moment and so horrid the next. And that is, in my experience, the most frightening feeling of all: when you look in the mirror and you can’t recognize the person you’ve seen each time you’ve looked in the mirror before.


When you’re in a relationship, part of your responsibility is to help yourself to stay in love with the other person. That doesn’t mean being wildly romantic, pretending that your every thought revolves around them, or refusing to let yourself ever express any reservations about an aspect of their personality or behaviour. But it does mean confronting and working through problems, rather than ignoring them.

It’s the same as with any other serious project. You need to help yourself to stay motivated about it. Starting strong and staying strong. This means devoting time and attention to your partner, and being willing to accept that there will be some tricky patches along the way.