“Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years.” – Simone Signoret

Anyone who has been married for any length of time can attest to the veracity of this statement. I know this may seem a little bit like a no-brainer, but this was a huge “a-ha!” for me.

A great marriage is not truly about a ton of huge, monumental accomplishments. Great marriage is in the details, the small, seemingly inconsequential moments. All the little things that stitch two people into one. This miracle, this treasure, this mystery that confounds those who have been at it for half a century almost as much as it confounds those of us who’ve been at it for a year and a half.




A real man is a woman’s best friend. He will never let her down. He will comfort her after a bad day. He will inspire her to do things she never thought she could do. He will enable her to express her deepest emotions. He will enable her to be confident and feel invincible…

No … wait… Sorry. I’m thinking of vodka. It’s vodka that does all that crap. Never mind…

(Found on a friend’s FB wall)

Ghost of a Rose

On a long road, miles to go

It’s winding and cold and its covered with snow

But I ask you what we all want to know

Where are we going from here…


Lines on my face, lines on my hands

Lead to a future I don’t understand

Some things don’t go as they’re planned…

Where are we going from here…


Tracing the trails through the mirrors of time

Spinning in circles with riddles in rhyme

We lose our way, trying to find

Searching to find our way home…

Trying to find our way home…


As the day dies, with tears in our eyes

There’s too few hellos and too many goodbyes

Silence answers our cries…where are we going from here…


We’re all on this road, with miles to go

Braving new pathways into the unknown

But who do you ask, when no one really knows

Where we are going from here…

Blackmore’s Night (2003)




“If only…

…I was

…I/we had stayed/left/gone/joined/thought/bought/played/won…”

…I/we/he/she/they had said yes/no/something/nothing/anything…”

…he/she/they had loved/wanted/needed/noticed/promoted/hired me…”

We’ve all said it. If only… then my life would be great! When in reality your “if only…” is the very thing that’s keeping you from fulfilling your life.

Every time you utter – or think – those two little words, your subconscious mind records, believes, and conforms to every word that follows and you are trapped in the belief that you can only be happy/fulfilled/successful/etc “if only…” takes place. Whenever a new idea/person/opportunity comes into your life, the “if only…” is immediately triggered by your subconscious mind, effectively destroying what could have enhanced your life.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can change it. Your subconscious mind is a powerful thing, but it’s only your auto-pilot. You’re in control and never let anyone or anything influence you otherwise. Whenever you catch yourself “if’n” on yourself, stop–turn it around! As soon as it forms in your mind, say to yourself, “Baloney! That’s not true! I’m a great person and I can do anything I set my mind to!” Turn “if only” into I fly on!






It never ceases to amaze me how well my husband and I fit together. It’s almost as if we were . . . made for each other.

Okay, I know that sounds really corny, but it’s absolutely the truth. But not in the way that it’s portrayed in movies and books and on TV. In the Hollywood version of made-for-each-other-ness, the stars align, there are violins and fireworks, and the main characters just “know.”

I’m finding, though, that in the “real world” it’s even more wonderful because you find out a little bit at a time. The pieces coming together a little more every day. I think that is so much better than a huge “a-ha!” moment, because what can compare to that one moment? We’re learning to treasure the tiny moments 🙂




Putting Up With Me

This has not exactly been a shining star week for me. I have been moody and emotional and pretty bratty at times.

One night I forgot to make supper. Then the other night I acted in a way that was totally uncharacteristic of me and my poor hubby was on the receiving end of my actions. 😦

But you know how my husband has responded to it all? With absolute kindness and humour. He has helped me not take myself so seriously, and even when my screw ups have affected him hugely (skipping supper is never fun) he has been sweet and understanding. Just another reason why I love my husband.





Imaginations are areas where we can hide and be someone you want to be. Imaginations and pretending are a great way to escape. You can go anywhere, do everything and be anything you want to be. How beautiful it is to escape from your reality and change it the way you want it to go. Keep dreaming, imagining and daydreaming. Feel good about it. You can create anything that you want!

Dream Land

It’s 4 o’clock … AM that is.

The world is dark.  The night is still.  The tired sleep … and I am awake, the green numbers on my bedside clock stare back, silently taunting me.

Why am I sitting here typing? I’m not sure. But someone needs to tell my brain that at 4 AM it’s supposed to be in DREAM LAND!!

So what else do you do when it’s 4 AM and you can’t sleep???? I go to my laptop and blog out my frustrations. And just for the fun of it, I Googled “insomnia” to see what I came up with.

I had to laugh (well, laugh quietly) as I found some REALLY interesting things. Like…

*There’s a company that makes video games called Insomniac – I guess people can be very creative when they can’t sleep.

*There’s a collection of quotes about the lack of sleep: Dear 3 AM, we’ve got o stop meeting like this, I’d much rather sleep with you.”

**There’s even a company called Insomnia Cookies that will deliver fresh-baked cookies to your dorm room in college if you can’t sleep. (Ummm…where’s the company that will silently deliver cookies to mom’s when they can’t sleep? I’d sign up for that one.)     




Unique Individual

I consider myself to be a Unique individual. One that loves life for what it is.

Although certain situations in life either differ to something beautiful or to something that is not as pleasant, I usually take things for
what they are. I find myself seeking why the actions happened the way they did. What I could have learned out of it. What was something I could do in the future to avoid a repeat of what happened.

I see a lot of people dwell on their past. I see that people do not realise that they don’t need to dwell on a past. Why spend more time on something that you cannot change or “hoped” to be different. I believe that every person should make peace with their circumstances and situations.

I also see a lot of people looking for love in all the wrong places. I can honestly admit that I have gone through this trial and error in life. I can say that it was an interesting one. What I thought I once wanted is not what I want now.

Love is something that you must learn. This is not something that we just jump into (Like most of us do). Love is an emotion that everyone enjoys feeling. The emotion of having a new person, new company, attraction and that feeling of excitement. After we feel this feeling, little by little we start finding faults. We want to change them in some way to accommodate our feelings. The other person than gets tired of “acting” like another person. We allow our partner to change who we are.  Once we realize this point, we start to re-think our actions. We get bored and need change.  Routines start to settle in and we become slaves to each-other.

I believe if you start degrading yourself (ie: “I’m Fat”, ”I’m so ugly”, “She is better looking than me”) then you will start believing what you are thinking. Insecurities and rebellion come to play. This means, YOU do not love yourself. In the past, I never really knew what loving myself truly meant. Heck, I thought everyone naturally loved themselves. Then I started to realise how negative I was and how verbally abusive I was to myself. This is when I realised my ugly truth.

I believe that if everyone STOPPED, sat down, looked around and smelled the fresh air, we could finally see a beautiful creation. Analyse what is going on around us. Not everyone takes a moment to chill. This is quite sad.

I believe that if we all took some time out to ourselves, not only would we start loving ourselves, but we would be less stressed in life. We would be able to enjoy what is around us and what we truly live for. We start to realise that we are slaves in this world, trying to make a living and paying our dues. We should not be our own slaves at home. This is the perfect time to have self-love and stop the routines and stress in our lives.

Be yourself. Who cares what people think.


Idealists want justice, fairness, prosperity, peace, and happiness for everyone. Idealists want to change the way the world works so that everyone has an ideal life.

The worst part about being an idealist is that you can never be happy. Not in the Machiavellian sense anyway. It’s just not in the nature of how idealism works. The way folks handle being presented with what they want often confounds the entire concept. The best thing about it is that you must really learn to appreciate the process of pursuing perfection, the flaws that highlight the solutions. To  respect the toil and uncertainty and unrecognisable reality that there is no promise that the end will justify your means. But that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t do it all anyway.




Let Loose

I believe that everyone has a deep inner dark secret.

An inner dark secrets so deep that you yearn to be released, but with the timidness of the world, it is kept in secret.

I feel that everyone has something to unravel or unleash at one time. Inner insecurities that shake your mind to the point that your feelings convert into guilt. Then your desires were just dissolved with crushed inner feelings and inner strength.

We all go through challenging things within our life. It is up to us to make that choice. A choice that battles and defeats our pain.

We all need to let loose at one time or another. We need to unleash the inner child within us. We feel whole again once we conquer our fears. We were all meant to inspire ourselves and become that person we always wanted to be.

The “inner you” is a gift. This is a gift that needs to be nourished and cherished.





You’re unsure of what the next step is. Do you carry on down the same path or find a new one? What do you really want? No one knows what they really want. We listen to the voice inside our head that tells us what we want but often, it’s wrong. We shouldn’t be listening to the voice. We should be listening to the silence.