Zombie Apocalypse

“They’re ugly and they’re dirty and they’re dumb and I don’t even care if they are dead, they’re not touching
me!” – Lucy Wilson Return of the Living Dead Part 2

The zombie apocalypse will start by some kind of outbreak of a ‘zombie plague’ due to an infectious disease. Zombies are motivated by a need to consume living humans. Those killed by or infected by zombies usually turn into zombies themselves. The plague spreads quickly, exponentially, and is unable to be controlled. There is no way to stop the dead from rising after the phenomenon has begun.

Zombie Proof House

This might possibly be my dream house.

“Who wouldn’t feel safe in a concrete rectangle that folds in upon itself to become completely sealed? Even the windows are covered with a slab of concrete when the structure is on nap time. The house, with its movable walls, has only one entrance, which is located on the second floor after crossing a drawbridge.”




For more pics visit http://all-that-is-interesting.com/post/4956385434/the-first-zombie-proof-house

Lisa Thinks…

A friend sent this to me in an email and I thought it would be fun 🙂


Type your name, followed by thinks into Google search and see what comes up. Here are a few of my results…

Lisa thinks she’s sleeping with the enemy.

Lisa thinks she’s a teenager.

Lisa thinks her friends are crazy.

Lisa thinks it’s worth the trip.

Lisa thinks she’s hot sh*t cause she’s a sociopath.

Lisa thinks she’s tough.

idk, sometimes it’s fun just to be silly.