I Will Survive

Before I had kids, I’d heard all the stories. Everyone has them, and sometimes too many of them will share them with you. Lots of them. It can be scary in those early days, but everyone gets through it. We’re better for it. Stronger. Able to exist on less sleep afterwards.

But then they become teenagers. We think we are prepared. But we’re not. Friends and family that have been through the teen years with their own children share the stories. Some shared how they just hoped and prayed the teen years would simply hurry up and be over, others said they were biting their tongues and biding their time

I’m no different from the rest, though maybe I thought I was. I’ve been asked not to talk when friends are around the house or in the car with us. To not sing along with any music. To not take pictures of them. Or of their friends. And the list goes on… They’d rather be hanging out with a friend than with me. That, I get. They’d rather be on Facebook or alone in their room than with me. Sad but I get that too. It’s the rebellion I find hard.

Now, of course, teens have always rebelled and wanted to do their own thing. But for the most part, they did it behind their parents’ back. At least they had the decency to make up a story that they swore was true. “Of course, my friend’s parents will be home.” And parents, even if they felt uneasy, could choose to believe what they wanted to believe about their teenagers.

Today’s rebellious kids, however, are in your face. There’s no ignoring them. They feel entitled. They confront with both barrels.

Life is not smooth sailing with a teenager in your house. You can count the years and cross them off one by one. Enduring the years ahead of you takes patience and strength. Just remember, they, and you, will survive these rough years. I keep telling myself that anyway.

I Fell In Love

I am feeling a lot of love for this person who has seen me at my best and my worst. For this person who has seen sides of me that no one else has. I feel happy. I am lucky to have him in my life. I am thankful for someone who loves me, despite knowing the real me. I love him more than anyone in my life and he will always mean the world to me. 웃❤유

Words Cut

“Words are easy and can cut like a knife.” -Author Unknown

This is such a big one for me. Sometimes I feel like the filter I’m supposed to have between my brains and my mouth is defective, and I say the most cutting, unkind things. This week I have especially noticed that in relation to my poor hubby & daughter. It is so easy for me to snap back with the slightest, and sometimes no, provocation. Why is it that the people who we’re supposed to love more than any other human in the entire world often end up taking the brunt of our ugly side while strangers and acquaintances only get to see our pretty side?