Let me clearly say, “I really do love my husband … I just don’t always LIKE him!”

There is an old joke – that a man gets married hoping the woman will never change, but a woman marries her man hoping to change everything about him. The trouble with relationships is that we want everyone to be just like us.

I usually like to focus on the positive qualities of my husband and to list all the things that make me love him; things that I appreciate about him; things that are special and unique about him; etc. One of the biggest things I love about him is that he’s not perfect … he can make me want to kiss his sweet cheeks one moment and slap them hard the very next.

We both have our faults; it’s just a shame that our faults aren’t more compatible. But they are reconcilable differences. He may wish I was more like him, and vice-versa, but we are different. We can learn to celebrate our differences through compromise and self-sacrifice. That’s what relationships are all about. True love comes from being aware of the weaknesses and flaws your spouse has, and loving them regardless; loving them in spite of their imperfections. Because technically speaking, there really is no such thing as a “perfect spouse”.

It’s probably a very good thing that he’s not like me, and I’m not like him in some areas, so that we can balance each other’s faults.