About Axe


I prefer my hubby wearing classic cologne like Acqua Di Gio or Armani Code not the cheaper sprays like AXE that are targeted towards teen boys (though many grown men are taken in by the ads like, “Makes good girls naughty.” Le sigh.) So when I read the below it made me think, “oh how true.” 🙂

“What if Axe Body Spray was invented by women so they could easily identify the douchebags?”

“What if I told you spraying tons of Axe Body Spray on yourself does not make you smell better?”

Can’t Stop Time

Some days it seems like it’ll never end. Like there’s just too much to do.

The reality of the situation is, you’ll never be finished. If you finish all the work you’ve got to do, you’ll find more to do. You can never really reach the end.

So accept that. Be ok with it. Find the peace you’re looking for in the now. In this moment.

Right now. Every now.

Home… It’s Where The Heart is

I wonder… is home where you were born?


Is home where you live?

A quick visit back to the city I grew up in over the weekend has reminded me that I have a new home. Home in a deeper sense than the house you live in. Home with different significance than the city you were born in. But it’s my home-place. It’s where my new life, with my new husband started. And I can honestly say – it’s good to be back home.