Home… It’s Where The Heart is

I wonder… is home where you were born?


Is home where you live?

A quick visit back to the city I grew up in over the weekend has reminded me that I have a new home. Home in a deeper sense than the house you live in. Home with different significance than the city you were born in. But it’s my home-place. It’s where my new life, with my new husband started. And I can honestly say – it’s good to be back home.


2 thoughts on “Home… It’s Where The Heart is

  1. While the question you pose may have been meant to be rhetorical, it is an interesting query with philosophical and perhaps spiritual significance. I am now living 5,000 miles from what I always referred to as my home town (Seattle), and I am as comfortable here (Panama) as I have been anywhere I have lived.

    Would I call it home? I’m not ready to do that yet unless home is defined by where you hang your clothes and lay your head. Though I am not homeless, I am only able to provide a temporary answer as to where my home is because I know the answer will change in 6 months or a year.

    Perhaps when someone puts me in a home I will have the answer. Or not.

    • I live 5000 kms (3100 miles) from the town I grew up in. I always wanted to spread my wings, see the world or at least more of my own country. I don’t believe I ever want to move back to that little city. Not that there is anything bad about it… it was a good place to grow up, a good place to raise children… it’s just not where I want to live.

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