I don’t ask for things, I just don’t. I call it pride; I call it self-preservation; why go through the process of sharing apart of myself with someone who might simply deny me what I ask.

My friend calls it cowardice. She says it’s more honorable to admit a want and/or need and have it denied, rather than suppressing it until I am no longer able to recognize it, let alone admit it. She said I weaken myself that way, rob myself of my rights, and allow others to do the same to me without even knowing.  

She asked me if I communicated my dismay to people who say or do things I don’t like. I don’t. Again, she said it made me sound more like I was afraid to speak my mind despite how blunt and opinionated I come off to anyone. It sort of caught me by surprise… at some point I crossed the line between practicing tolerance and not expressing or communicating my discontentment. And it all goes to the reason of not demanding what I think I deserve. Sad.


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