Craving Carbs

Craving Carbs

Last night we both stood in the kitchen wearily. It has been a long week. Nothing bad, nothing worrying. Just long. Anyway, we stood there, unprepared for and unmotivated in what the hell to make for dinner. Mainly because we are on a low-carb diet and there wasn’t much to eat in the house. So we stood there, dejected.

“What can I make you for dinner?” my husband asked kindly.

 I shrugged. Healthy salad? Lean piece of fish? In the end, honesty prevailed.

 “I just want to get drunk and eat bread,” I replied.

 To avoid making a decision I went upstairs, took a bath. Secretly hoping that when I got out – there in the kitchen would be dinner: an uncorked bottle of wine, slices of homemade whole grain bread, and a giant hunk of aged cheddar. Sometimes it’s nice to give in to the dark side.

 Alas, it was not be. There was no wine and my dinner was not waiting for me. What I rustled together for myself was this: romaine lettuce leaves stuffed with ham, Havarti and cucumber spears.  😦


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