Happy Mother’s Day Mom

Happy Mother's Day

Dear Mom,
I have given you many beautiful and sparkly Mother’s Day cards over the years. I make sure the verses convey my feelings.  But those sentiments are the thoughts of another person. These words come from my heart.
As I was growing up, you may not have realized it then, but everything you did, every word spoken, every action taken, every gesture…I was taking it all in, soaking it all up like a sponge. And I did not realize how important it would all become until I became a young mother myself. Everything you did served as an invaluable life lesson, shaping who I was, creating who I’ve become. You have taught me so much.
And oh how you love your grandchildren. You babysat while I worked and never turned down a chance to watch them at other times too. Where do I begin to thank you for all you’ve done?
So, Mom, thank you for loving me, for believing in me and for helping to shape who I am today. I am proud to call you my mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to the most beautiful woman I know. I love you! ♥

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