Ted’s Attitude

Ted's Attitude

This is funny because it’s so true. Gone are the days when people had to hit “A” three times to get “C” in a text. We’ve experienced the evolution of cell phones into smart phones but the devolution of people. Sad really.

(Devolution, de-evolution, or backward evolution is the notion that a species can change into a more”primitive” form over time. ~From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

My New Kitten

Peko-TI thought I’d share a pic our new frisky feline. He’s 5 weeks old and we adopted him last night. He’s so sweet and very loving, also highly annoying and endearing, simultaneously. Orange boys rule!

I have two older cats named Moka & Java. My husband suggested we keep the hot beverage thing going so we named this little cutie Orange Pekoe Tea, “Peko-T” for short.