Plastic Bags


Does anyone else have a bag full of other plastic bags somewhere in their house or is it just me? My husband wanted me to throw them away but they are the perfect kitty litter disposal system. If you hoard them, what do you use them for?

(My city passed a law that bans the distribution of single-use bags. The only stores in the entire city that you can get these bags at are the liquor stores.)


2 thoughts on “Plastic Bags

  1. Yeah, me too!
    I always ask for plastic at the grocery store, and the people standing behind me with their armload of reusable bags give me dirty looks, but those little plastic bags are so USEFUL. Kitty liter disposal is definitely one use and we also tie up kitchen garbage-scraps into them so that the trash can doesn’t get too gross and stinky before pick-up day. I also grab one whenever I’m leaving the house with stuff to carry from one place to another. We also use them as trash can liners for (very) small trash cans. Given the PC bandwagon I guess that we are supposed to feel guilty about murdering the planet or something, but I’d rather have a bag-of-bags that I got for free at the store than actually buy something for the same purpose. Now THAT would be wasteful.

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