How TV Deceives


Just another reason you can’t trust anything you see on TV. In the below YouTube video a singer uses her new music video to show us just how much work goes into creating “beauty”.

This photo shop technique is so obvious in the Aveeno commercial with Jennifer Aniston. Her eyes are clearly not the shade of blue seen in the TV ad.

How TV Deceives


4 thoughts on “How TV Deceives

  1. Photoshopping people is really just the new painting or creating murals to attract people to your product. You’re just making art which people find visually appealing.

    It’s people’s personal problem if they find it an ideal to try and copy in their real life with their bodies. If “individuality” is beauty in itself, we wouldn’t have people doing these things. Beauty may be in the eye, but ugly is down to the bone *L*

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