My Reaction When People Clap at the End of a Movie


Why would anyone clap in a movie theater? If you’re at the Cannes Film Festival or Sundance or at the red carpet premiere of the film, where the director and the actors and the screenwriter might be present, it would be more than understandable to clap at the end of the film because you would be voicing your approval directly to the artists.

Maybe they are applauding the projectionist, for making sure the transition from first reel to second reel went off without a hitch? Maybe they are applauding the Cineplex, for their clean theaters and their comfortable seating?

I wonder if these same people clap along with the studio audience when watching TV?

Yum…. Laser Pointer


It’s hilarious to watch my cat go crazy over the little red dot. I’m not sure which of us has the most fun — me being entertained or my cat trying to catch that moving red dot.

Cats all have the same instinct to hunt. The laser pointer changes direction a lot and it’s going fast. It’s moving and that is what brings the predator out in your cat. They see a little prey in that red dot because it moves the same way their prey would. So it’s worth chasing!

For indoor cats, this can be the perfect toy. They don’t need to hunt for food anymore but there needs to be another way to get rid of that built-up energy. A laser dot makes the perfect “prey”, and it stimulates your cat, uses up his energy and is good exercise.

Do you have a laser pointer for your cat?

No Matter What You Call It

Dooghnuts By Another Name Is Still a Doughnut

I found out something I never knew before…. there are two different types of donuts – ones made with a batter similar to cake, and then ones that use yeast. You’ll find the ones with yeast in them tend to be a lot lighter and fluffier – think Krispy Kreme. Whereas donuts without yeast tend to be dense and thicker – Think Tim Hortons (or Dunkin Donuts).