All the Better to See You With


All The Better to See You With

Like the song says “I can see clearly now” will soon apply to me. I am having LASIK tomorrow morning. When I went in for my initial consultation, I was asked what my current prescription was for and I told them I needed my glasses for distance. Almost 2 hours later, when then were done the myriad of tests on my eyes, I was shocked to be told there was nothing wrong with my vision. What?!? Apparently I have really bad astigmatism and that is what is causing everything to appear blurry. We can fix it was all I needed to hear. I can’t even imagine what it will be like to make out the leaves and branches on trees, to to see facial features clearly, to not have to wear my glasses to drive, to have cool sunglasses instead of prescription ones. I am apprehensive about the procedure, it’s a scary thought to have a laser pointed at my eyes but I think (hope) I will love the results. Update to follow in the days to come.



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