Blurry Vision

Bluury VisionAs I mentioned in Friday’s post I had LASIK done to correct my far vision. First the good news: I am amazed at what I’ve been missing all these years, I can see things far away I couldn’t even with my glasses on. I can read the TV guide on the television, see blades of grass not just green, street signs are clear and wow – so many stars. The bad news: there is inner eye swelling which has caused my near vision to be extremely blurry and I wasn’t told this could happen. For someone who reads for enjoyment and uses the computer for work, this burry vision is so disappointing. As I type this I have the screen zoomed to 200% and the letters are still blurry. I am told it can take 6-8 weeks for the inner swelling to go away and then I should be seeing just fine. Right now though, I am really wondering if I made a mistake. I try to remain optimistic but it’s very difficult at the moment.


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