Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday. On this day I always take time to think about the past, present and future.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d being spending my birthday self-isolating in another country while a global pandemic rages 🌎😵 Actually I’d never thought that something like this would happen in my lifetime.

This could be one weird year 😳

My husband posted this on my Facebook page:

“10 years ago I asked if she was sure about marrying me. She had no idea what the wild west would bring, from -40 temps to raging fires. Today, Her Birthday, and she finds herself developing CoVid-19 information material for the local Mexican emergency management group, while I consider home invasion deterrents. After all we are living in the Mexican Baja 3000 km from home on the southwest side of the continent. Lisa always said she wanted an adventure. I am now thinking she is an closet adventure junkie! Happy Birthday!”

Oh, I’m a girl, my name is Lisa, so the song is fitting. Thanks to my cousin for sending this me.


Tomorrow We Isolate

I am now very worried about the spread of this virus. My husband suggests we isolated ourselves until this crisis blows over. I am concerned we don’t have enough food or water. We have the canned and dried food we bought but we need more meat, etc. Tonight, will be the last time we go to Chill and Grill for pizza. We decided not to go to La Esquina as there is too much of a crowd.

I message my mother and tell her she needs to stock up on food and her medications. I tell her to soak all her fruits and veggies in a vinegar and water solution. Right now, the scientists say the coronavirus can live 9 days on surfaces.

Overreaction or Real Danger

I was messaging my mother on Facebook. It went like this…

Me:Barry is driving me crazy about this virus. He’s bought masks, gloves & tons of hand sanitizer.  He thinks this is going to spread all over the world and kill off 3/4 of the population. He freaked out over H1N1, Ebola and thought world war 3 was starting at the beginning of the year.”

Mom: “And you thought I was a worry wart you, gave us a good laugh 😆

Me: “😷 “I try to tell him if it was really bad there would be hundreds of cases, if not more, in all countries. I try to hold my comments to myself but it’s hard. He’s really concerned.”

Mom: “He better lock himself in the house and clean it every day sanitized” Me “Haha. He keeps buying canned food. He’s Turing into a prepper. You have no idea how freaked he was about Kelly. I was too but he was super freaking.”

This is a problem in China. I know they have weird sicknesses there from time to time due to the Wet Markets. China has smart scientists and physicians, they’ll figure this out.

There are conspiracy theories about just what this virus is. Some people think it is a bio-weapon that escaped the facility in Wuhan. Some people think the USA created it to kill causes havoc in China. Some say the virus came from a meteorite that landed not too far from Wuhan. There are so many ridiculous theories.

I believe it came from some kind animal but… what if it is a bio-weapon. 🤔 I made up my own conspiracy theory: since it’s mostly the elderly and sick people that are dying. Is it possible that someone created a virus to kill off the people that are the most drain on healthcare systems worldwide? Is there such a thing as the Illuminati and, if so, are they behind this? Just because the outbreak started in China doesn’t mean someone didn’t plant a virus there, the world will think it’s just another virus that crossed species. Too inconceivable. I watch too many dystopian movies.

My husband is obsessed with watching the Twitter feeds for any updates. He would also be mortified I message those thoughts to my mother.

Oh, I almost forgot it’s Valentine’s Day ♡ 🥰

The Journey to Mexico


My husband retired early and I quit my job in order to fulfil a lifelong dream of escaping the cold Canadian winters and live in a warm climate.  We rented out our house and moved to Mexico for a year. After the year is up we may decide to stay in Mexico or travel on to another destination. I have decided to write about my journey and my new life adventure.

Moving to another country and starting over is one of the most terrifying yet exhilarating adventures ever. Life as I know it will change – and I’m not just talking addresses and laundry detergent. I’m well aware that everything won’t be a fairy tale. There will be challenges, but also rewards. It’s something that if I don’t do it, I will always regret it.

I gave most of my clothes to my local homeless shelter, sold or junked most of my possessions, except for a few totes of important things that I have put into storage, and sold 2 out of 3 vehicles.

My husband, myself and 2 cats drove from Alberta, Canada to Todos Santos, Mexico. And what a drive it was! It took five days, with the cats yowling constantly for hours.

Day 1 – October 26:  Morning temperature was 3°C. Left Fort McMurray, Alberta at 3:59 PM arrived in Edmonton at 8:15 PM. Will stay here 2 nights to visit with my husband’s sons and their families.

Cats are not sure what to think as they have never been in the car and not been in the carriers. Peko crawled into a carrier that had an open door. Reever keeps going between the back, which has litter box, water & beds. They yowled everyday for 3-4 hours non-stop before finally going to sleep.

Cats in Car

Day 2 – October 28: Morning temperature was 6°C. Left Edmonton, Alberta at 9:00 AM arrived in Helena, Montana at 6:00 PM.


Day 3 – October 29: Morning temperature was12°C. Left Helena, Montana at 6:35 AM arrived in Cedar City, Utah at 6:30 PM.

Passing through the state of Utah. I expected prairies but there really was no flat land, all mountains. I can see why the USA is called America the Beautiful. The never ending landscape is breath taking.

Day 4 – October 30: Morning temp of 9°C. Left Cedar City, Utah at 7:35 AM arrived in Saint Felipe, Mexico at 8:35 PM.

Crossing the border went much better then I expected. I had purchased my Mexican Tourist Visa online and printed it off. The border agaent did ask to see the receipt, very thankful I had printed it too. AFter stamping the visa we were on our way.

He never even asked about the cats which was a little disappointing after spending hundreds on vaccines and certified health certificates. Better safe than sorry though.


Day 5 – October 31: Morning temp of 23°C. Left Saint Felipe, Mexico at 8:00 AM arrived in Loreto, Mexico at 8:00 PM.

This leg of the journey was arduous. There were many detours due to road damage from two hurricanes earlier in the fall. There were washouts and bridges completely destroyed. The detours were just dirt paths. Then there was the winding roads up and down mountains. We drove our Jeep and I cannot imagine driving that part of the journey in an RV.





Day 6 – November 1: We decided to stay here an extra night in Loreto, our bodies needed a break from sitting in the car, hour after hour, day after day. Spent the day exploring around Loreto. It’s a quaint little city of 13,000. I think the cats & humans alike are happy to just relax after a crazy day.s in the car.

catsinmexico (1)

Day 7 – November 2: 19°C Left Loreto, Mexico at 6:53 AM arrived in Todos Santos, Mexico at 12:35 PM. After driving over 5000 kms we finally arrived at our destination.



Birthday Thoughts

Today is my birthday. One more year and I’ll be in a new decade.

My husband gave me this stuff as one of my gifts. I am not sure how I feel about it. Is he trying to tell me something? Do I need anti-aging lotions? I’ll tell myself he knows I like Biotherm products and he just didn’t realise what exactly he was giving me.

I don’t feel older. I don’t feel like a grownup. People treat me like an adult. I’m expected to act like an adult and make reasonable decisions…and most of the time I do, but a piece of that insecure, awkward teenager I used to be still lives inside me. I don’t know when I will feel like I’m really a grownup…maybe never. And that’s okay.

The Man Cold


Guess what?! Yesterday my husband woke up with a cold. Not just any cold though, a MAN COLD.

What’s the difference between a cold and a man cold you ask? Well let me tell you.

A cold is what we normally know as a stuffy/runny nose, cough, a few aches.

A man cold is all that plus a whiny, grown man who can’t quite grasp why he feels so awful. He feels like he’s dying and the world is coming to an end because he feels so terrible.

A man cold isn’t fun, especially for wives. You’d think the man was on his death-bed or suffering a horrific illness. Nope just a cold. But, a man cold because you know, men can be such babies.

Grandpa Car

The transmission died in our car so we went car shopping. Hubby was looking at what I consider Grandpa cars, you know the kind I mean – functional, decent gas mileage, 4-doors – all the things that scream almost retired. So I pointed out the one I thought we should get. I guess he liked my choice… we picked this Mustang GT up from the dealer today. 🙂




Laughter Isn’t Always The Best Medicine


So just to try something different I thought some cosplay would be spicy, so I ordered a very sexy, very naughty costume online. This is how I expected my husband to react: —>




Instead, this is how he reacted. For twenty minutes. —>

I got so mad I took the costume off and threw it in the garbage.