There’s No Place Like Home

Many of you know my city Fort McMurray, AB, Canada evacuated all 88,000 people on May 3rd. Yesterday after more than 4 weeks away I was allowed to come back home. They are bringing people back by neighbourhoods. The fire came very close to where I live, about a half a block away. I am thankful to say my house only has smoke damage. I am grateful to the fire fighters who worked round the clock to save my neighbourhood. Here are the sites that greeted me as I drove into the city. It’s good to be home. 🙂


Welcome Home Welcoming

Would You Still Get Married If You Saw Yourselves As Senior Citizens?

A twenty-something couple took that challenge for The Cut’s “100 Years of Beauty” series, letting a makeup and prosthetics team age them into their 50s, then their 70s and finally their 90s. The makeup work is pretty over-the-top, turning the duo into a convincing pair of senior citizens. But what begins as a simple experiment turns into an emotional rollercoaster with each transformation as the couple contemplates how they will remember their marriage in the coming decades. What amazed me is he always thought she looked good. A little teary over that. 🙂