Alien Skull or Something Else?

At first glance one may think this is an alien skull right out of a science fiction movie.

In reality, this is a child’s skull showing deciduous teeth (baby/primary teeth) and permanent teeth located above. Note the position of the canines in the upper jaw directly under the eye socket (hence the term “eye teeth”).

This skull dates from the 19th century and is housed at the Hunterian Collection at the Royal College of Surgeons in London.

Itsy Bisty Spider


I don’t have arachnophobia but I’m not fond of spiders, especially big ones. So when I opened my front door one evening, just a few days after we arrived in Mexico, I was surprisedĀ shocked to see a huge tarantula on the walkway. My husband shooed it away with a broom and we haven’t seen it since.

As we have been out and about in the town, meeting and talking to people, I have learned that NO ONE has seen a tarantula. Not expats that have been here for 13 years, not people who have lived here all their lives. Just my luck.

In popular culture, tarantulas are often depicted going on the offensive. Movies showing tarantulas crawling on people as they sleep. (a big fear of mine) In reality, this is not something that tarantulas do. I have Googled and found out most spiders can sense the heat from our bodies and will avoid us. They are not naturally very aggressive unless provoked.

Still, knowing they are around, I take my flashlight out at night. They are night hunters and hide in the ground burrows during the day, coming out at night to hunt.


My Reaction When People Clap at the End of a Movie


Why would anyone clap in a movie theater? If youā€™re at the Cannes Film Festival or Sundance or at the red carpet premiere of the film, where the director and the actors and the screenwriter might be present, it would be more than understandable to clap at the end of the film because you would be voicing your approval directly to the artists.

Maybe they areĀ applauding the projectionist, for making sure the transition from first reel to second reel went off without a hitch? Maybe they are applauding the Cineplex, for their clean theaters and their comfortable seating?

I wonder if these same people clap along with the studio audience when watching TV?


sloth-ponderingThings you never think about but yet are completely true:

* Something is always touching you.

* You can’t imagine a new colour.

* You can always see your nose but your brain chooses to ignore it.

* You have never seen your own face, only reflections and pictures. ( )

* Your tongue never sits comfortably in your mouth.

* You will never feel something exactly the way someone else does.