Spreading the Truth That No One Wants to Hear

It’s almost 5:00 am, I’ve been up for an hour, just can’t get back to sleep. I read the first patient in NY was treated with medications after contacting doctors in China. They recommended he be treated with the antimalarial medicine chloroquine and the HIV drug Kaletra. Need to remember that.

I think people on the TS news feed see me as a hype spreader. I am not spreading rumors, just the painful truth of facts, but the people here are in the dark. I tried to tell them what was happening in Italy will happen here but they prefer to pretend nothing is happening, that the media is making it seem worse than it is, and the Mexicans think the gringos are panicking over nothing.

I have taken flack for posting info about covid-19. I have been accused of overreacting and spreading panic. But, if I helped anyone in Todos Santos, Pescardero, or Cerritos become aware of the fact, covid-19 is not “just a flu” that it, is in fact, a highly contagious virus with a high mortality rate for 20% of the population – especially for the Boomers and up – I for one will gladly wear the loco gringa badge. I’d rather be over cautious than oblivious.

I am torn everyday about staying here. My husband says we should wait and watch, maybe it won’t get out of control here. He says if it starts getting bad here then we can look to see where there are no or low cases of infection in Canada and fly there. I suppose that is a very smart idea.

Coronavirus Myths


I’ve been reading medical articles about what happens to the body when a person is infected. In some critical cases the immune system goes into over drive, fills the lungs with fluid on top of the fluid that’s there from the pneumonia, and a person drowns. A horrible way to die.

Prime Minister Trudeau’s wife, Sofie, has tested positive! So many politicians, or people associated with politicians, around the world are getting infected with the coronavirus. This bug is super contagious and is spreading fast.

The world seems bleaker and bleaker. I hope this is all contained soon but I may be overly optimistic when I say soon. This might last 6 months to a year, who knows, it may even last longer. Our only hope is that a viable treatment becomes available while we wait for a vaccine.

Both my husband and I have been posting on the Todos Santos Facebook news feed about the virus. People here do not get that we are going to be hit with this in a few weeks.

it comes for us


The World Health Organization is characterizing the outbreak of the new coronavirus as a pandemic, Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Wednesday.

“We are deeply concerned both by the alarming levels of spread and severity and by the alarming levels of inaction. We have therefore made the assessment that COVID-19 can be characterized as a pandemic.”

I am quite sure the “inaction” refers to the USA. Trump has totally failed its citizens by not testing people sooner. I am concerned at what the actual number of cases could be. In the tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands. If left unchecked for too much longer, that number could be over a million. The United States has some very large cities on both coasts and the virus will get out of control because of rump’s inaction. Trump really should resign over the mishandling of the epidemic. Calling it “just a flu” “no one’s dying” “Fake media hoax” the list of his inadequate action is mind boggling.

My sister asked if we could all chip in for rent for mom and dad this month. I told her we would and for food too but I thought it would have to be for 3 months not just one. I don’t want my parents to die. I haven’t seen them in 3 years. I fear I won’t see them again. We had planned to go to NB this past fall but my stepson was moving into his first home and my husband wanted to help him move. That will always be a regret of mine, not going to see my parents.

Trump is stopping all flights from the EU. His little mind must think, “it worked for China so it will work for the EU.” Except it didn’t work, the virus has been spreading around the USA since late January. I fear for the USA citizens, I thinks so many people are going to die because Trump chose to keep his head in the sand.

Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, have both tested positive for Covid-19! That is a shock to many as he is the first movie star to announce the were infected. The way this virus is spreading I expect to see many more celebrities become infected.



Sleepless Nights

It’s 4:11 in the morning, I can’t sleep. I am once again reading the news on the web. Just saw this one… “Coronavirus patients experience certain symptoms before ‘tipping point’ of dying.”


The patients who are at risk of dying may see the virus spread to their lungs, which can prevent their other vital organs from getting the oxygen needed to fight the infection. Experts estimate there’s around 10 to 15% of patients whose cases become severe. Of that group, there’s another 15 to 20% of cases which then progress to critical.”

Well, that is alarming. If you get pneumonia you fall into the severe/critically ill. This virus does some really nasty damage to the lungs. I won’t tell my husband that either.


The Truth is, We Can’t Handle the Truth

The truth is, we can’t handle the truth, and our Governments can’t bear the thought of the truth because it scares the hell out of them. This Genie is out of the bottle in a way we fully don’t appreciate and all the King’s horses and King’s men won’t be able to put it back in easily.

I did a wash today and put all the paper money in the washing machine. We do not want to catch this virus. Perhaps we are too cautious but better safe than sorry.

I read the article on The Lancet about “Clinical course and outcomes of critically ill patients with SARS-CoV-2.” 70% of patients in the ICU that died were men. I never told my husband that tidbit as it would have depressed him. The other alarming statistic was the mortality rate of infected that dies in the ICU….

SARS 43% … MERS 57% … Covid-19 61.5 %



Worries Rise with Every New Case

Good news, my daughter has been tested and she does not have the virus. I can be thankful for that.

I am worried, with the presumptive 2 cases now in San Jose del Cabo, that my chances of getting this virus has just gone up.  I’m worried about not just myself but my husband, my children, and my parents. I am greatly saddened that I may never see any of my family again, not my parents, not my siblings and not my children. I don’t want to get this virus here in this country.

I read this on the web… “Still it’s hard to know that someone you love is dying, but you cannot give them the only comfort you’d wish: your touch; a few loving words; your presence beside them as a kind of last thanks for all the times that they, as a parent or grandparent, brother or sister, stood beside you during the challenges and passages of life.”

On verge of tears a lot, my eyes well up, but I hold them back. I sometimes consider leaving this place whether he wants to come with me or not. However, those thoughts come at dark times, when I’m missing my family the most.

We went to town today. First to the bank, then the pharmacy and finally to El Sol 2. One of the workers at El Sol was sick and coughed – she was sniffling the last time we were there too – that freaked my husband out. We use hand sanitizer as soon as we get in the car. Hubby said he’s not going there again until we run out of supplies. Money is put into a baggie.

When we get home shoes are removed outside, clothes are taken off and placed in the washing machine, as is my purse and the shopping bag. We immediately take a shower. Then we wipe down our purchases with Clorox wipes, wipe down the door handles, spray our shoes with 70% rubbing alcohol and bring them inside.

I told my daughter she needs to go back to Canada. If I catch this there is a good chance I will die from it and she’d be stuck over there (southeast Asia) with no money. Her reply was she can get a job at the tattoo shop in Bali and return to China when she’s able to go back. Oh, to be young and have no fear. I actually had no fear of this virus until it hit Italy. When it arrived there, I knew it would spread to North America.

I face-timed with my parents today. Was nice to see their faces and talk with them. They are both in good spirits and healthy. I wish I lived near them so I could do their shopping. I worry about my mother as she is in the highest risk category (83, diabetes and heart disease). My father (86) still works part time 6 days a week and exercises every day. He could probably beat the illness if he were to get it.

coronavirus worries

Day 6 of Isolation Due to Covid-19

Today is like every other day, my husband and I scour the web for any updates and news about the coronavirus. When this is over I may need glasses for eye strain.

The experts say to step away from the internet and focus on something else. How can I focus on anything but this deadly, killer virus spreading around the world. Everyday there is new news from new countries. There are new discoveries about the virus itself. How am I supposed to be prepared for what is hurdling at my world at breakneck speed if I don’t read and learn.

It’s not like I spend 24/7 on my laptop, I do have other interests.

I took a beginners Tai Chi lesson I found on YouTube. When I’ve seen people in parks doing Tai Chi, it almost looks like a slow flash mob, like a graceful group dance. Unfortunately for me, I never learned how to dance and so my movements were awkward. It was my first time though and I will definitely try again.

I made some Lime Coconut Protein Balls for my husband. There is something rewarding about making things from scratch and fresh home-made treats always taste better than anything you can buy in a store.

The ants have arrived again. I do not like ants. I was very successful last summer and got rid of all the nests close to the house. I found a fantastic recipe for home-made ant bait online. I whipped a small batch and headed out into the yard. It will take about 2 weeks but I will eventually be victorious, the little pests don’t stand a chance.

step away


Covid-19 Spreads

As of 12:14 pm, cases today are Italy 2036, Canada 27, USA 92, Mexico 5. There are several European nations with numbers growing steadily.

5 days ago, last Wednesday, Trump said “No one is dying here.” As of today 6 have US citizens have died from the coronavirus. The USA is at 99 infected at 2.19. I’ve been watching the numbers of infected from countries around the world, once the numbers reach about 75 they start increasing rapidly. The USA has lost control of the infection IMO

I was just thinking…. the USA and other countries said China hid this virus outbreak for 3-4 weeks. Reports today said it has been spreading in the USA for 3-6 weeks. The question is… has the USA known the virus has been spreading and the USA and other countries have kept it quiet until it could no longer be contained 🤔

Maybe I watch too many movies and read too many books.

coronavirus spreads

Coronavirus Isolation Day 1

Today is our first day of isolation. The virus is now in 67 countries and Italy has 1701 cases, USA has 76, Canada has 24 and Mexico has 5.

Today was really like any other day, except we didn’t watch a movie tonight. We stayed on our laptops scouring for any updates. I prefer to get my news from 2 search engines, Google and Bing. Normally I never use Internet Explorer for anything but Bing has an option for updates in the past hour.

My husband just watches Twitter for his updates. In my opinion Twitter has too much fake news so I stay away.

self isolation day 1

More Supplies are Needed

We go to the mercado El Sol 2 for more water and a few other things we forgot to buy in Cabo. The little store is full of more people than usual. It is high season for tourists but I wonder how many are stocking up because of the virus.

The majority of expats and the local population do not realize what is headed our way. The locals seem to think, since Mexico did very well with H1N1, that they are prepared for anything. They are delusional.

I do not want to leave our property again for any reason.

Covid-19 Has Arrived in Mexico

We wake up to find out Mexico has its first case of the coronavirus. Someone came back to Mexico City from Italy.

We made the decision to go to Costco one last time for groceries. We need meat and a few other things. We also buy some pain relievers fever and body aches; a few electrolyte drinks in case we are too sick to eat; and a months’ worth of our prescription medications. My husband got a big bottle of tequila and I grabbed 2 bottles of vodka and some orange juice. (Not my drink of choice but it will last longer than wine.)

We now have 6 weeks’ worth of food; I think we are prepared or as prepared as we can be. In all actually, I think there are very few people who are prepared for any like this pandemic.

I am concerned that if this virus gets out of control this little town will be in serious trouble. There is only one hospital and it doesn’t have any ventilators or respirators.

Tomorrow We Isolate

I am now very worried about the spread of this virus. My husband suggests we isolated ourselves until this crisis blows over. I am concerned we don’t have enough food or water. We have the canned and dried food we bought but we need more meat, etc. Tonight, will be the last time we go to Chill and Grill for pizza. We decided not to go to La Esquina as there is too much of a crowd.

I message my mother and tell her she needs to stock up on food and her medications. I tell her to soak all her fruits and veggies in a vinegar and water solution. Right now, the scientists say the coronavirus can live 9 days on surfaces.

Bleach Away the Germs

The house we are renting is for sale and today there was an open house. After the people left, I mixed bleach with water and wiped down all the door handles, walls, anything I thought they may have touched.

Trump gave a speech saying everything was under control in the USA, that their cases would soon be zero or close to zero. I think he is grossly underestimating this virus.

Are You Concerned Over Covid-19?

I messaged my mother today.

Me:Maybe Barry wasn’t so crazy after all. This virus is spreading fast. I read Canada is saying to be prepared for a pandemic and to have at least a week’s worth of food and prescription medications.”

Mom:Is it in Mexico or in Phuket Thailand?

Me:Not in either of those places. None in Central or South America. Kelly left Phuket and is on a small island.”

I created a poll on the Todos Santos Facebook Newsfeed asking:

The Centers for Disease Control is warning Americans to prepare for the possibility of a severe disruption of their lives as a result of COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak in the United States… “not so much of a question of if” but rather “a question of when” … Are you…?

Very concerned, Somewhat concerned, Not concerned at all. 23 people weren’t concerned at all, 10 were somewhat concerned, and 4 were very concerned. My husband and myself were 2 out the 4 very concerned.

I am surprised how many people aren’t concerned. People live in their own bubble. I too tend to stay in my bubble, the concerns of the world aren’t my concerns. I tend not to pay too much attention, normally just reading MSN Canada over my morning coffee to get the news of the day. That is quickly changing.

Starting to Worry About COVID-19

Every day starts out the same, we drink our morning coffee and read the internet news about the coronavirus. Every day there are more cases, more deaths. We watch either Global News or CBC’s The National on YouTube to catch up on Canadian news.

China may have spread the virus around Asia but it’s Italy that is spreading it around everywhere else.

I told my husband I want to go back to Canada, but he says the time for that has come and gone. That tidbit makes me uneasy. I’m worried if it does hit hard here, the Mexican healthcare system won’t be able to handle the amount of infected people. I’d feel safer back home. We will have to be extra cautious not to catch this virus.

This is Starting to Get Real

Italy has three confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

We decide to make one last trip to Costco in Cabo for groceries and supplies. My husband is insisting we need a month’s worth of groceries. Inside I was rolling my eyes, still believing he was over reacting. 🙄  I googled what foods preppers would get to last a month, and made a list. In my mind I was just placating him and kept my thoughts to myself.

Before we left I messaged my mother again.

Me: “Well we are off to Costco … Barry insists we need a month’s worth of food stored in the pantry in case this coronavirus spreads.” 😷

Mom: “Make sure he has wipes for the kart handles. How is Kelly, still safe?”

Me: “Oh trust me, we have wipes for cart handles 🙄 Kelly is living the good life on a beachy island.”

We bought Clorox wipes and bleach, thirty days’ worth of canned and dried food, a huge pack of toilet paper, and some vitamins. We didn’t panic buy. When there is just two people, and you shop at Costco, the groceries last quite some time. We went to Home Depot for masks and managed to find 2 N95’s, as well as protective eye wear and a package of gloves. We’ll use them if we need to go to the hospital as protection from the virus.

When we got back from Costco, I messaged my mother again.

Me: “Don’t know what I will do with all the cans of food like tuna & chicken. I hate canned chicken. And the masks & gloves.” 🤔😤

Day by day I have watched the number of infected cases rise. It wasn’t just in China anymore. Just about every Asian country had cases of this now called COVID-19 coronavirus. Now I am getting worried. The fatality rate percentage keeps increasing with every decade after 50.


Overreaction or Real Danger

I was messaging my mother on Facebook. It went like this…

Me:Barry is driving me crazy about this virus. He’s bought masks, gloves & tons of hand sanitizer.  He thinks this is going to spread all over the world and kill off 3/4 of the population. He freaked out over H1N1, Ebola and thought world war 3 was starting at the beginning of the year.”

Mom: “And you thought I was a worry wart you, gave us a good laugh 😆

Me: “😷 “I try to tell him if it was really bad there would be hundreds of cases, if not more, in all countries. I try to hold my comments to myself but it’s hard. He’s really concerned.”

Mom: “He better lock himself in the house and clean it every day sanitized” Me “Haha. He keeps buying canned food. He’s Turing into a prepper. You have no idea how freaked he was about Kelly. I was too but he was super freaking.”

This is a problem in China. I know they have weird sicknesses there from time to time due to the Wet Markets. China has smart scientists and physicians, they’ll figure this out.

There are conspiracy theories about just what this virus is. Some people think it is a bio-weapon that escaped the facility in Wuhan. Some people think the USA created it to kill causes havoc in China. Some say the virus came from a meteorite that landed not too far from Wuhan. There are so many ridiculous theories.

I believe it came from some kind animal but… what if it is a bio-weapon. 🤔 I made up my own conspiracy theory: since it’s mostly the elderly and sick people that are dying. Is it possible that someone created a virus to kill off the people that are the most drain on healthcare systems worldwide? Is there such a thing as the Illuminati and, if so, are they behind this? Just because the outbreak started in China doesn’t mean someone didn’t plant a virus there, the world will think it’s just another virus that crossed species. Too inconceivable. I watch too many dystopian movies.

My husband is obsessed with watching the Twitter feeds for any updates. He would also be mortified I message those thoughts to my mother.

Oh, I almost forgot it’s Valentine’s Day ♡ 🥰


Not sure when I first heard about the virus spreading around China, sometime in January. When China decided to quarantine the entire city of Hubei my husband said this was going to get bad. His thoughts were, that if an entire city of 11 million people were quarantined than it had to be extremely bad. I disagreed with him and thought at that time China had it under control. Then he told me that the entire province of Wuhan was quarantined. He started to get even more concerned but I still disagreed with him, believing China had everything under control. Ever the optimist I am.

The number of infected and the number of deaths kept increasing. Barry started telling me that Kelly needed to leave Beijing. After watching the number cases of infections increase steadily for days, I agreed with him, I had to get my daughter away from this spreading sickness. She was hard to convince. She had just arrived in China on January 5 to start teaching English, she hadn’t even received her first paycheck.

Day after day I tried to convince her she had to get out of China but the girl is stubborn. Finally, she got scared enough that she agreed it was time for her to leave Beijing. Since she had very little money we paid for her flight and on February 7 she left Beijing for Phuket, Thailand.

Now the virus is spreading. My husband was right.

virus alert

Got My Daughter Out of China

Good news! I finally convinced my daughter to leave China. I was able to book her a flight to Phuket, Thailand. Since she is now out of a job my husband and I will have to support 100% for the time being. You have no idea how relieved I am that she is out of there. Here is her post on Facebook:

“Ooooook. So after a long few weeks I’ve finally made the decision to get out of China for a while. I’ve seen health quarantines, men blocking off entire communities wearing hazmat suits carrying guns, had my temperature taken countless amounts of times, saw over crowded clinics, and scarce sections of grocery stores and markets and all I can say now is that I believe in you China. Things have to get worse before they get better, and this girl is gonna wait that out on a beach somewhere so my friends, parents, and grandparents can be at ease. Beijing, I WILL be back for you.”


Living in China During the Coronavirus Outbreak

My daughter has been living in China teaching English. She arrived in Beijing on January 5, 2020. Then this contagious virus starts going around China. An entire province is quarantined.

I spoke with my daughter last night. She’s very bored but doing fine. She said they take her temperature every time she goes back into her apartment building. There isn’t much open in Beijing but the Western-style grocery store is still well stocked. She no longer travels on the subway and wears a mask whenever she ventures out.

I am trying to convince her to leave but she is hesitant as things seem fine in Beijing. As a parent I am worried she will catch this highly contagious virus.